Thursday, August 16, 2012

Meditation: Between the Light and the Storm

I have been working on pottery and metalsmithing for the last few years. I have loved putting compassion and positive intentions into my spirit rattles, spirit dolls, and jewelry.  I took a hiatus from writing and illustrating. 

During the last two years I have been teaching meditation skills.  I was looking for some guided imagery meditation books.  Nothing seemed to have the fit the atmosphere I wanted to create with my groups.  I started just telling them meditative stories.  I loved telling the stories using the animals and scenes they would give me. It seemed to fit their needs and we accomplished the goal of relaxation. 

I am so happy that I created these new meditations and that they are now in eBook form.  I have two more in the works.  I love to draw and drawing with words is exciting.  Please check out and sample my writing at: and