Thursday, September 6, 2012

Phtotgraphy and My Photographic Intentions

I have always used photography as a tool to document my artwork.  I'm thrilled to be participating in the Anniversary Scavenger Hunt. I have my list and have already taken and deleted lots of shots.  I am very excited that this will expand my photographic horizons.  I am camera ready with my trusty HP Photosmart M415 in hand.  I will be using my ancient very primitive Adobe Photoshop program on my please don't die right now older than ancient Mac computer.  It no longer burns CDs and rejects my thumb drive.  It will hopefully continue to allow me to email my finished photos to my other computer so that I can upload them.  Techy types tend to laugh at me when I explain that I get attached to my stuff.  I am doing this all with hands on . . . in other words I don't have a tripod . . . I am going bare bones with this.

I know that there are probably some photographers that are now laughing and rolling around on the floor . . . but I have a secret advantage . . . I am a pixel mover . . . I am prepared to sit there and move parts of my photos pixel by pixel until I am happy, cross-eyed, or crazy.  I am going to try to put something I made (a piece of my artwork) in at least half of the photos. 

Now for the update . . . my camera seems to be having some issues.  I took the memory card out to print a few photos… and it sort of erased the things that were on it.  I put the memory card back in and eagerly began taking more shots.  My camera informed me that the memory card was full after I took four photos.  So I have been taking four photos and then downloading them and then taking four more.  I would reformat the card every time I finished a download.  So what is my point . . .  I just pulled the card and put it back in assuming that it was blank from the four different times I reformatted it . . . OK, insert the strange eerie music here.

I turned my camera on again to do another set of four shots and decided to make sure I had remembered to reformat it after the last download . . . all of the 44 photos that were on the memory card first thing this morning when I had taken it in to print the photos were back on . . . sooooooooo . . . I have no clue what is going on with my camera.  I will be completely thrilled if it keeps going.  I just think that all of my technical equipment is just like me . . . we are all getting older, we no longer function perfectly, BUT, we are still plugging away getting the job done and loving it.

I have uploaded nine out of ten photos . . . I now can take oodles of more photos and decide if I want to keep the ones I uploaded or swap them out for something new and hopefully improved.  For all of you out there participating in the scavenger hunt or just loving photography my very best wishes, as for me, I will be snapping my shots with my fingers crossed . . . not the easiest thing to do . . . but . . . I love a good challenge.
Hugs, m