Sunday, June 8, 2014

Meditation Mondays - Inner Glow

Arrange your meditative space for your comfort. Focus on the photograph or pick up your favorite crystal or stone and hold it in your hand. Take a deep breath and begin relaxed belly breathing.
Each of us has our own inner glow that we create day by day. Much like a geode our hard outer shell is formed first. As the world seeps into our hollow geode, our inner form, our inner being begins to take shape. We follow our internal path and discover a rich variety of crystals. Some are rough and jagged, some polished and worn smooth like a worry stone, and some fractured and broken. Each holds its own value. Each holds its own experience. Each holds a key to our unique being.
We follow the winding path between the crystals to our glowing center and feel the warmth buried deep within our spirit. Our inner glow begins to spread from our heart out to our arms, hands, and fingertips. It warms and fills our belly and moves down our legs, feet, and toes. The warmth rises pinking our cheeks as a golden glow encircles our head. It rises and falls like a silver fountain until we are gold and silver shimmering spheres.
We sink deeply into the warmth of our joyful memories. They glimmer on the facets of each crystal. We trace them one by one until we come to the one that glows with the warmth of summer. We listen to forgotten sounds and voices. We absorb the summer scents of suntan oil, warm sand, and hot charcoal. Our eyes are filled with the bright colors of beach towels, swimsuits, sand toys, cups, and patterned plates. Baskets overflow with food.
We feel the warmth of the sun on our shoulders as we wade ankle deep in the fresh water. We scan the bottom for sparkling bits of quartz, granite, worn colored glass, and interesting shells. All of our cares have melted into the warmth of the memory. We feel a lightness as a warm breeze frees our spirit. We come to a large granite bolder and sit on the flat warm surface allowing our legs to swing as our toes dangle in the gently lapping warm water. We reach into our pocket and pull out the treasure we found.
It is perfectly smooth and flat, almost oval. It fits in our hand comfortably. We feel the curve and balance as we toss it lightly into the air. We watch the waves as they begin to grow and gently roll in one after the other. We get our hand ready to toss the rock. Our aim is to just kiss the tops of the incoming waves. We shade our eyes and ready our hand for the next cresting wave. As we swing our arm sideways we let out wrist snap sending our stone to skip through the tops of one, two, three waves. It was a perfect skipping stone. Our stone will settle on the lake bottom to work its way once again toward the shore.
We pack our memories up for another day carrying the warmth with us we slowly allow ourselves to return to this place and time.