Friday, November 7, 2014

Saturday Stories and Illustrations for Children - Making a fairy house out of a carved coconut mug

I found this carved coconut mug in a thrift store.

I took off the handle and turned it into a garden arch.

I had a wooden bracelet that I added glass stones, grout, and a wooden step.  I cut a circle in the mug to make a doorway and used that piece to make the triangular piece to hold the door in place. I took off the base and used that as a door.

Here is the garden arch among the fall leaves.

Here is the house without the door in place.

See if you can find this house with the door on in the garden.  I went to the garden shop and bought several miniature plants and created a fairy garden for a variety of fairy houses. 

Create your own place for your own fairy tales.  Check out thrift stores and craft stores for ideas and interesting objects you may adapt for elf, gnome, and fairy houses.

Next on my list will be a fairy door for inside my house.  It will be a great place to leave notes for my grandchildren.