Sunday, August 30, 2015

SAVE A JOB - stand in line with a human cashier


SHARE!!!! if you know someone that is a cashier,  if you have kids that will need an entry-level job,  and if you prefer a smile and a brief discussion of the weather!

I got to overhear a conversation in the grocery store today about the corporate office wanting to shut down all of the human cashier checkouts so that customers would be forced to use the self-checkouts!

Being a very stubborn old lady and having luckily already checkout I did not have to create a major scene.  But I did turn around and walk back in and asked them to kindly inform the corporate office that I refused to go through job stealing machine checkouts.

People say that this will happen everywhere, including stores, fast food, etc. That we have no choice in this, that once again another job will be sucked up and spit out by a machine.

But we do!  I will be calling the grocery store before I go in and I will ask if they have humans manning the checkouts. I will also ask for the name of the manager so that if no one is there to ring up and bag my purchases then I will ask him to personally do it and to inform corporate headquarters that humans need jobs.

By doing this you may save jobs for today and the future. The money they make goes back into our local economy. The machines do not contribute to our local economic welfare.

You want me to self-checkout... fine PAY ME TO DO IT!
Since corporations are now declared as being human... how much longer before your self-checkout machine will also be able to cast a digital vote in an election.

I feel a T-shirt design coming on!