Saturday, August 2, 2014

Saturday Stories and Poems for Children - The Night Fairy

First published in Lightning Bugs, the poetry of Erin Donahoe, 2003

The Night Fairy
by Marcia A. Borell

She wings her way through warm night skies,
Flying in the glow of fireflies.

Cricket music brings her delight,
She adds the songs of birds of night.

Feeling the rhythm in her toes,
Tapping them now on pointe she rose.

The dragonfly begins to twirl,
Pirouettes with the fairy Pearl.

They tango, waltz, and jitterbug,
Sleepy they  share a final hug.

Dancing all night they all need sleep,
Into bed they all slowly creep.

With red rosebuds Pearl made a bed,
as dreams of dancers fill her head.

Night fades and the moon and stars set,
Now sunrise gleams a gold rosette.