Friday, July 25, 2014

Saturday Drabbles, Flash Fiction, Poems, and Illustrations for Children


by Marcia A. Borell
Amid the trucks and toys your books may lay
Forgotten 'til the end of day.
With rubbing eyes and open yawn you seek
To cuddle and from under blankets peek.
With thumb in mouth and satin edge to cheek
We turn the page while rockers start to creak.
As dragons, knights and castles fill the air
A little finger twirls my hair.
I gently stand to walk across the floor
While ugly monsters vanish out the door.
One final hug in your warm downy bed
Your tiny fingers reach for bunny Fred.
With Fred in hand I stroke your silky hair
Then stretch and yawn and take the tiller's care.
I set the solar sails to guide our flight
A homeward bound we sail through starry night.

Marcia A. Borell
First published in Kid's Visions, 2004