Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wednesday My Art - Fantasy, Sci-fi, and Horror - Cosmic Queen

Cosmic Queen
BY Marcia A. Borell

Alone awash in fiery drapes she wades,
Through meteoric seas of living dream.
Celestial comets twine her flaming braids,
As Pisces soars above the stellar stream.

Along the bank she seeks with silver spade,
The clay to dig and mold enchanted orbs.
With mud a sphere upon her hand is made,
To dry awaiting brightly colored robes.

She plucks appealing globes of cosmic dust,
To spin a wooly skein of pastel cloud.
Her needles stitch bright hues on earthy crust,
The rivers run so blue it makes her proud.

Around and around she turns the infant world,
To pick and carve the oceans, lakes, and sea.
Then pinches folds for mountains knit and purled,
Her breath upon the planet sets it free.

Poem and illustration first published in A Calendar in Poetry and Art 2005, published by Sam's Dot Publishing.