Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wednesday - My Art: Fantasy, Sci-fi, Horror - Destiny's Tears

Destiny's Tears
A Drabble by Marcia Borell

Destiny looked out over her realm. Humanity was divided by age, emotions, and suspicion. Shadows had skewed their perspective darkening their reality. Sadly she reached into her bag of consequences.

In the bag were many smooth spheres which contained glittering particles of stardust. Most released an even mixture of hope and sorrow, health and illness, love and hate. An icy one stuck to her hand. Pulling it out she stared into its ugly swirling darkness.

Destiny's tears fell as she cast it upon the world. In the murky blackness there were specks of silvery dust. Hope, there was always hope.

First Published in the poetry chapbook - Passion Fruit and Other Loops by L. A. Story Houry, June 2003