Sunday, January 4, 2015

Day 39 (Sunday) Feral kitty in play mode

Day 39 - Feral kitty in play mode

Yanjing would only come within about 6 inches of me when we played.  Touching was and still is off limits. BUT today (Sunday) with a double layer of thick socks on (the 2 blue things) and covered with a triple layer of flannel sheet with a towel on top I was ready for play time.

I felt secure I would be able to ward off pin point baby teeth and major claws. Yanjing didn't know where he was and did take a bit of a nap (about 90 seconds). A good safe time was had by all.  :-)

He finally crawled up to my lap and stared at me and hissed and spit - our relationship is a work in progress.  I just love that little face.   :-)