Friday, January 9, 2015

Day 44 with my feral kitten Yanjing - worried about his siblings out in the cold

A very interesting article on the lives of feral cats.

Today is Day 44 in my feral kitten adventure. Today I will try to honor Yajing's three siblings and his Mom and all the other ferals living out in the cold today. It has been very cold here. Today 7 degrees F feeling more like -13 degrees F. cold, really really cold.

I have not seen Yanjing's siblings since I took their photos through the kitchen door on December 31st. It has been a long time. I am very lucky to have my boy, to have noticed that he had a bad case of round worms, to weigh him and get him medicine, and to watch him grow. His other siblings would have had worms too and with that and the very cold weather things are not looking good. I can only hope for the best.

On the brightest side of the news I am typing this in Yanjing's room.  He is snoozing in his condo. He did come to check me out and to see if I had any treats for him. I did and he is now even when he is hissing at me will sit for a treat or his food.

Yesterday and today I have been introducing brushing. I am using a soft back brush because it has a nice long handle. He is the hungriest in the morning so that is my best chance to introduce anything new to him while he eats. The brushing went much better today. That makes me very happy. My hope is that I will be able to shorten up my grip on the brush handle and in a few weeks substitute my hand for the brush. I want to make this transition so smooth that he will be fine with either.

Now on to the darker side - Yanjing is still hissing and spitting at the oddest times. He will be a large male cat so I want to hopefully change this habit into purring. I do not need my own personal attack kitty.

I have decided to try feliway. I sent away for an infuser and also the spray. Supposedly it does not have a smell or people will begin to sniff the air around me avoid me.  For those of you new to the feral cat world (which would be me) feliway is "a synthetic copy of the feline facial pheromone, used by cats to mark their territory as safe and secure".

I brought a few kitty treats in today and Yanjing quietly came up and put his paws on my leg looking for more treats.  This is another first. That makes me a happy camper.

If I don't get to see the kittens again I will always be haunted by the very brief opportunity I had to look into Fuzzywuzzy's eyes before she ran away. I do have a heated water dish now so no more kitties standing on frozen water.

More to come, please spay and neuter your pets, and if you have a chance take in a stray, or contribute to trap, spay, neuter, and release programs.  

Thanks for reading.
Stripe and Spots (spots is the


my feral cat food station

sadly only one set of cat tracks

Yanjing's first brushing experience

Checking out the brush - yes he is also teething