Saturday, January 3, 2015

Feral Kitten - day 38 - My life as a giant cat toy!

Feral kitten - day 38 - My life as a giant cat toy!

Two fuzzies and the yellow beak of the catnip bird visible on my leg

This morning I decided to step it up a notch and after Yanjing had his breakfast to put his favorite cat toys on my leg and see what happened. I was not going to take photos of this event because my cameras all make noise and he has super great hearing. But I sat far enough away so that I did get some endearing photos of the kitty and virtual kitties encounter.

Most of his vocalizations are hissing - no purring, no meowing - just hissing... so much that I nicknamed him hissy face. After the time spent with the youtube videos I heard the first meows last night and again today. I am taking them to mean that he is hungry. So I gave him more food.

I have been throwing his favorite toys in his cat carrier and sticking the feather wand inside so that he spends a good amount of time in the carrier.  That will make it so much easier for me to weigh him and call his weight in to the vet.

He is used to me putting his food bowl on my stomach or beside me so climbing up onto my leg was not as scary for him. He did this with claws only partially out and I had on my fleece pants that are a little like fur. He did jump or climb up to get his toys many times and even while he was playing stayed for a minute or two right next to me.   

Here is this morning's encounter with the kitten video.

More to come...   

Step one - the investigation
Step two - the sniff
Step three - the interaction