Thursday, January 29, 2015

Learning how to pet a feral kitten - Yanjing day 64

I think that this is day 64 with Yanjing (Eyes) my feral kitten. I am writing in his room while he eats and watches his Cat Sitter video. As you will see in the video he does enjoy watching it. I always unplug it when he is done watching. I also make sure that the TV is on the floor. 

Progress has been made. I have been very lucky and have seen all three of the kittens again. They are incredibly cute. They are also becoming much more aware of movement so it is getting very difficult to take photos of them anymore.

I covered the door with blankets and managed to get a nice photo of Stripes and Spots.  FuzzyWuzzy would have none of it.  She could see the camera lens and would not come to eat. The photo of her is one from a couple of weeks ago.

The absolute best thing right now is that I have gotten to pet Yanjing. Wooo Hooo I am in feral kitty heaven.

I began by brushing him with a long handled back brush a few strokes at a time while he was eating. 

Yesterday I noticed that I was able to brush him for the whole time he ate breakfast. I decided to throw all caution to the wind and to slide my fingers up around the brush when I gave him his afternoon feeding.  I was able to pet him a few times with my fingers and brush and then the brush and then my fingers and the brush again. I would always go back to the brush when he would turn his head. No hissing. He is also starting to meow very very softly. He does not do this very much. It is so much better than the hissing.

I need to weigh him one more time this Sunday for his last worm treatment and hope and hope and hope that I will be able to just hold him and get on the scale.  I never thought we would get this far. 

Wish me luck!

hugs to all,